Fear comes from ignorance. Fear is the thing that stops us from using our abilities. Using our abilities in a good way is a way for being grateful to the Creator/ God/ Brahma/ Universe/ Allah/ Spagetti Monster/ Power of the Nature whatever you call it. We all have given abilities. First of all we need to discover them. You may think yours is useless. You may be even asking yourself: “So what like this will save the World or what?”. If you make it useful, if you save yourself through it, yes maybe you can even save the world! At least we can save the world from ourselves 🙂 Those abilities make us understand more about our true nature. Those abilities let us understand “What we are not”, “What we are doing in this world?” and with that discriminative knowledge we will be less. When we become less, we become more. When we totally change because of it, everything around us will also change. Discover your given ability, embrace it, make it useful, save yourself, heal the world!

Given Abilites

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